We have a new name but
the vision remains the same

The Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority has been created to make the redevelopment plan vision a reality that will benefit the community and region for generations.

Welcome to Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority (HLRA)

Now that the NAS-JRB Willow Grove Redevelopment Plan has been completed, the HLRA is moving into the Implementation Phase.

To implement the Redevelopment Plan, Horsham Township has created a new authority, the Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority (HLRA). The HLRA received official recognition from the Department of Defense as the implementing local reuse authority responsible for redeveloping the property. The NAS-JRB Willow Grove Redevelopment Plan recommends that the property be conveyed from the U.S. Navy to the implementing HLRA via an Economic Development Conveyance (EDC).

The HLRA will negotiate with the U.S. Navy on the terms of the transfer while the Navy conducts an environmental review of the NAS-JRB Redevelopment Plan. This review is required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. Ownership of the property cannot occur until after completion of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). More information on the Navy EIS is available at www.willowgroveeis.com

Just like NAS-JRB, this website is also beginning a transition. Set up as the primary public communication tool for the Reuse Planning process, this website will be modified to reflect the Authority's implementation role, to help market the base to new users, provide information to the public regarding future studies, plans, and projects as well as provide information on the planning process. The planning process involves various studies and submittal of the Economic Development Conveyance (EDC) application. The EDC application will be the basis for negotiating with the Navy for the transfer of the property to the HLRA.

We welcome your questions and/or comments at mail@hlra.org or by phone at (215) 643-3131. Sign up for email news alerts to stay informed on the progress of the Redevelopment Plan.







HLRA – Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority

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This website is designed to provide information about the HLRA initiatives in relation to NAS-JRB. This is not a Navy website.